Lean Six Sigma Toolbox: Insights on Usage Trends in Hospitals

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Total Quality Management, Delivery of Health Care, Hospitals

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Lean manufacturing, Six sigma (Quality control standard), Medical care, Hospitals


Industrial Engineering | Mechanical Engineering


Lean and Six Sigma, originated in the manufacturing industry, are popular quality and process improvement methodologies that have widespread applications in non-manufacturing settings. The literature suggests that healthcare is the leading industry among service sector in the number of articles published focusing on Lean/Six Sigma implementation. Furthermore, most efforts related to healthcare Lean/Six Sigma take place in hospitals. This study explores the trends in the use of Lean/Six Sigma tools at hospitals. Field data about the use of tools in terms of frequency, satisfaction and plans for future use were collected using a web survey. The results showed that hospitals utilize a large number of Lean/Six Sigma tools. There are also quite a few number of tools that have not yet been exploited but are being considered for future use.


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Paper appeared in the Proceedings of the 2019 IISE Annual Conference.