Telecommuting has become an increasingly preferred alternative to working in the office. Some ofthe more importantbenefits that can be obtained through the use of telecommuting are: 1.scheduleand location flexibility, 2.enhancedemployee satisfaction, 3.attractingand retaining employees, 4.productivityimprovement, 5.costreduction, and 6.benefitingsociety. The potential benefits of telecommuting can only be realized if its many unique challenges re identified and addressed. Several key challenges include: 1.thenature of jobs, 2.companyculture, 2.employeeselection, 3.providingthe required infrastructure, 4.awarenessof legal considerations, 5.overcomingresistance to telecommuting, 6.monitoringand performance measurement, and 7.employeeisolation and communication. It is important to spell out exactly what is expected of the telecommuting employee. The telecommuting policy should address how and when the equipment and information is to be used.