We relaunched the all-digital American Business Review (ABR) in Fall 2019. Little did we imagine that COVID-19 would appear in Spring 2020 and disrupt life all over the globe. All three audiences of ABR viz. Businesses, Business Students and Business Faculty have had to scramble over the last few months. Businesses that we research, teach and learn about as Business Professors and Students had the most difficult time of all with the global lockdowns. Essential businesses including food, medicine, sanitation and their supply chains and distribution channels had to keep working somehow-anyhow. Along with essential services were our lifesavers including medical, emergency, and national security personnel globally who continued to work at great personal health risk. Those businesses that were not considered essential had to shut down for public health and safety. In the process, all businesses had to suffer great losses. We at ABR recognize and salute you all for your great contribution during this global health crisis. Business students, in the US had to leave campus and continue studies online and at very short notice. Similarly, business faculty had to move face-to-face classes online overnight as campuses went into lockdown. Against this challenging backdrop our review board and referees did an outstanding job of providing knowledgeable and constructive reviews to our authors. Our author/s responded to reviewer comments in great detail and the joint efforts of reviewers resulted in the issue that is before you.

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