This study examines the extant literature on Construal Level Theory through bibliometric analysis that traces the path of research from 1998 to November 2019. It uses the Scopus database to identify emerging trends, seminal and most-cited papers, authors, universities, and countries that contributed to the development of the theory. A total of 680 papers from 1445 authors, were published in as many as 322 journals. The results indicate that ‘Journal of Experimental Social Psychology,’ ‘Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,’ and ‘Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,’ were the three most productive sources of knowledge for this theory. The results show that over time, the discussion has progressed from theory to application in different areas of decision sciences, psychology, and management with a recent trend towards application in sustainability. This is the first literature review that has been conducted on the Construal Level Theory using bibliometric analysis. This study attempts to describe, explore possibilities, and provide a roadmap for future research in this field.

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