We are delighted to present the first issue of volume 25 of ABR. We thought we would thank and celebrate our reviewers for their outstanding contribution to ABR on this occasion.

The peer-review process in academic publishing involves reviewers who have expertise in a domain (see Ali and Watson 2016). We thought we would explain the ABR review process as we celebrate our reviewers. We believe this would be interesting to authors and readers as this would give a glimpse of the peer review process at ABR.

Being a broad-based academic journal brings a discipline expertise challenge to the review process. The research must prima facie be relevant (interesting) and rigorous. But whether the ideas are an adequate contribution to a business discipline can be determined only by disciplinary scholars who study the area in the paper. For example, a CEO Compensation paper is interesting, at face value, to the ABR audience. But it must also seem like a contribution to HR scholars and specifically to the subset of scholars who study CEO Compensation. Thus, we humbly recognize that we do not know the potential contribution without expert reviewers’ opinions, advice, and guidance.

Below we explain the ABR review process after receiving a submission in the ABR system. We also include requests to our valued reviewers.

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