The study investigates service brand loyalty antecedents as evidenced by brand name attributes and attitudes toward services and advertisements. Print advertisements from ten service industries are analyzed using multiple regression. A model is provided examining the influences of service type, brand name attributes, and attitudes toward the services and advertisements on respondent propensity for service brand loyalty. Significant loyalty resulted with all advertisements for attitudes toward the service provided and the advertisement with exception for airlines. Brand name attributes impacted only four services including design, healthcare, insurance, and airline offerings. Across all industries, service attitude had the greatest effect followed by advertisement attitude. Loyalty for design and insurance services was influenced by all three antecedents with the greatest impact demonstrated for health care. In contrast, airlines exhibited the least effects. Services rated as good or likeable, with brand names that sent a message and explained the service, and whose advertisements evoked useful and informative attitudes were the strongest loyalty indicators. Further insight is gained as tailored advertising strategies across industries with recognition for specific service types are recommended. A one-size standardized approach is not effective as service type is proven to have significant impact on brand loyalty. The model findings provide comprehensive support for prior recognition of service type and identified service advertisement antecedents which will then foster increased service brand loyalty.

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