HRM in Morocco

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Book Chapter

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Subject: LCSH

Personnel management--Morocco


Business Administration, Management, and Operations


Book description: Managing Human Resources in the Middle East provides the reader with an understanding of the dynamics of HRM in this important region. Systematic analysis highlights the main factors and variables dictating HRM policies and practices within each country. Diverse and unique cultural, institutional and business environment factors which play a significant role in determining HRM systems in the region are also elaborated upon.

The text moves from a general overview of HRM in the Middle-East to an exploration of the current status, role and strategic importance of the HR function in a wide-range of country-specific chapters, before highlighting the emerging HRM models and future challenges for research, policy and practice.


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Benson, P., Al Arkoubi, K. (2006). HRM in Morocco. In Pawan S. Budhwar & Kamel Mellahi (Ed.), Managing human resources in the Middle East. London: Routledge, 273-290.