Disclosure of Financial Statement by Banks

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Master of Science in Accounting




Anne Rich


Banks and banking--Accounting, Financial statements

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AS 36 .N29 Acc. 1977 no.2


Abstract missing. Excerpts from the introduction, pp. 1-5:

The new wave of disclosure demands coming at the business community, especially at financial institutions, from a host of regulatory agencies are signals that a reform in financial statements reporting is needed…

[Chapter II examines the scope of banking disclosure laws.]

Chapter III analyzes the scope of adequate disclosure by identifying the users of financial statements and the purpose of financial information…

In Chapter IV, a survey of seven Connecticut banks, assesses the disclosure practices. Applying the criteria developed by the Bank of America, this survey then attempts to rank each bank on its disclosure practices such as loan losses, loan types, lease commitments informations, etc. In Chapter V, three Connecticut banks' loan disclosures are analyzed and compared to the criteria of adequate disclosure and to the loan informations provided by two large New York banks. The results of the survey in Chapter IV and the

detailed analysis of loan disclosures in Chapter V reveal that the criteria of adequate disclosure have been more or less met. However, it seems that there are other factors which were not emphasized enough in assessing the adequacy of a bank's financial disclosure practice. These factors are: bank capital, bank loan and bank income; and they are the subjects of discussion of Chapter VI.

Finally, Chapter VII concludes this study by incorporating the findings and testing them against the statement of hypothesis presented in Chapter IV.