Submit Your Research

Currently, Digital Commons @ New Haven is accepting submissions from faculty members. Submissions may be books, book chapters, peer-reviewed articles or creative works.

Digital Commons allows the upload of any discrete file formats including audio, video and image files. We can also link to video or audio streaming sites. If you have a format that you are not sure can be supported, send it to us anyway and we’ll see if we can work with it.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Participation in the repository benefits you and the university by widening our readership and raising our profile.
  2. Participation in the repository is voluntary. If you submit works to the repository, you may select the works you include.
  3. Participation in the repository has been made as easy as possible. There is a web-based form where you can attach or paste your citations. Citations need not be in any particular format, and if they are incomplete, the Digital Services team will complete them. The team will check publisher policies, which are often friendly toward posting accepted manuscripts. The team will enter your metadata and post the item to Digital Commons @ New Haven.
  4. If you have manuscripts (for example, Word files or print copies) of your articles, please save them and submit them with your release form. Some publishers allow posting of their versions, but this is not common. The preferred version is the last one you sent the publisher, with any revisions but without the publisher’s typesetting.
  5. You can enter as many books or articles as you like on one form, or link to an online bibliography.
  6. You can use your University of New Haven login to access the form here. For more information, see Author FAQ and the LibGuide for Digital Commons @ New Haven
  7. Books are usually posted as linked records, not full text. Each book has a description with a link to its Amazon record and (if available) a link to its holdings in a nearby library.
  8. For assistance please contact:

    Amber Montano, Access Services Manager, or (203) 479-4197